What makes Abbeyfield Newcastle feel like home?

Upon leaving the Army in 1956 Richard Carr-Gomm, the founder of Abbeyfield, was deeply saddened at the loneliness and isolation he saw amongst the elderly when he returned to his neighbourhood in Bermondsey, South London. Determined to do something about it, Richard bought a house and invited two of the local residents to move in with him to share each others’ company. The first Abbeyfield house was born.

Today, Abbeyfield is made up of houses, care homes and nursing homes, looking after more than 7,000 residents in the UK. Yet it maintains that same fundamental philosophy of community and friendship at its core.

Feels like home

A caring, supportive environment

Our residents are able to focus on spending their time enjoying their later years in the company of others. We encourage residents to make their personal spaces feel like home. Residents are always welcome to invite their loved ones to stay for meals and join in activities.

Experiences with new friends

An Active community

Whether it’s arts and crafts, a spot of gentle exercise or regular outings to local places of interest; participating in the decision-making process allows residents to maintain their independence. Knowing that help is never far away helps to raise confidence levels and even rekindle hobbies.

For the mind and body

A Healthy approach

Food plays a big part of the day at our residential care homes, our talented chefs tailor healthy and nutritious menu choices using regular feedback from our residents.

At the heart of Gosforth

Links to community

Our homes are in the heart of Gosforth and benefit from links to the vibrant activities that are happening all the time. Local businesses, groups and schools visit our residents throughout the year making them feel part of the community.

Would you like come and see for yourself?

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Beautiful spaces

Our homes feature cultivated gardens that provide an additional stimiulous for our residents. Whether sitting out on a summer's day or enjoying the view from inside, the positive effects of beautiful surroundings are clear to all of our residents.

Stay Connected

Smart use of Technology


Healthy living

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