Keeping everyone safe
at Abbeyfield Newcastle

Hello fellow Abbeyfield Newcastle friends,

Our duty is first and foremost is to keep all residents and staff safe, and to protect them in the best way we can. Throughout this COVID19 Pandemic we have stringently followed professional guidelines to ensure that all of our residents and staff have remained safe even though the situation has been challenging at times.

Through the diligence of our staff and the resilience of our residents we have taken comprehensive steps to contain the virus by adopting strict control measures. At first, these precautionary measures were put in place to ensure that there was no widespread outbreak and to date we have been successful in achieving that aim.

As things have progressed, we have managed to relax our restrictions on visits by family members and residents can now have visits but still under control measures which are still necessary.

Obviously, we always remain vigilant and if things do change, we will consider what must be done to maintain our position of safety.

Currently we have no confirmed cases amongst any of our staff teams or our residents. We are currently following the Government’s test regime for all staff and residents. However, we are never going to be complacent and we are well prepared to respond to this Public Health challenge and make important decisions that will always ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Next Steps…

We have contingency plans in place which will shape how we will respond to any changes in our situation based upon the latest advice from the national and devolved Governments and Public Health bodies. We are continually monitoring and reviewing the latest information as they publish it and we will further review our plans to incorporate any further changes that are required.

We are currently developing a route map approach to how we deal with the autumn and winter months and any potential preparations we may need to consider.

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