Dora Brown and her daughters

Dora Brown and daughters in Castle Farm

Dora Brown and Her Daughters Pamela Hutton and Sheila Forster

Mum has been a resident at Castle Farm for the past six years and she has been settled since the day she moved in.  She is looked after so well and we know she is very happy, which is all we can ask for.

We visit her regularly and have got to know lots of the other residents and members of staff which makes visiting so much more enjoyable as we feel like we are visiting mum at home.

As our way of saying thanks for the effort the team put in to care for mum we come in to the home with our singing group the Davenport Singers to perform for the residents.   We initially sang as a one off when mum first moved in, but the staff and residents now ask us to come back each year around Christmas and we absolutely love it.

We sing popular songs from the musicals as well as some traditional ‘geordie’ favourites such as ‘Dance to ya daddy’ and ‘The Cullercoats Fish Lass’ which the residents really enjoy; it’s good to know that we can give something back to the team and the other residents who help to enhance mum’s life in her later years.