This is where I want to live…. cancel the other visits!

Doreen and Reta 3

It was my Mum who decided the time was right to seek some extra care and support for her and my father. Recognising that my Dad’s needs were likely to become too much for her to deal with alone, she asked me to look for a care home in Newcastle where the pair of them could live.
I was given a pretty clear brief of what she wanted and what she didn’t – modern with a pleasant south facing outlook, gardens to enjoy and 2 rooms for her and Dad – and narrowed it down to a few for her to choose from.
Still living in Scotland, they made the journey down to visit my shortlist. Castle Farm was the first on our list and when Mum walked through the door she said, “This is where I want to live” and asked me to cancel the other visits.
To make things even better, two rooms had become available opposite each other so the team at Castle Farm helped us to transform one in to a sitting room and the other a bedroom for my parents to share, using Mum and Dad’s own furniture.
It really was a wise move on her part as she really couldn’t be happier here, which in turn makes me content and gives me peace of mind.
As my Dad’s care needs grew, Mum was still with him but knew that there was a team of experienced people on hand to help. This was mutually beneficial; Dad received the care he needed, whilst Mum was able to relax and get the rest that she needed too.
Sadly my Dad passed away but Mum has continued to live at Castle Farm. Despite her relative level of fitness and good health for a lady of her age (91), she receives a great level of care from the team, most of which have been there since the day she arrived.
Gone are the mundane tasks such as house work, cooking and washing as this is all taken care of. Instead she takes part in a range of activities, goes on trips out to the shops, the cinema and garden centres and has made a number of friends who she enjoys chatting to.
She can enjoy her days: whether she chooses to sit in her room where she loves to read, look at the TV or watch the birds feeding in the well tended garden or meet up with others in the lounge, the choice is hers. It is this freedom to choose that I think sets Castle Farm apart from other care homes I have visited and is one of the main reasons why my Mum has enjoyed living here for the past six years.
She could never be lonely at Castle Farm as there is always somebody to talk to, be it the manager Chris, a member of the team or one of the residents – it really does feel like an extended family where everyone is made to feel welcome.

What other people have said about castle farm


“I feel really safe and secure here. I have no cause for concern, and I have no worries about living here.”

“It’s so homely and warm here, they make it as much like home as they can.”

Health Professionals:

“I have no concerns whatsoever. I’d put my family and friends in there”

“This is a very well run home, the manager is very good and has a very professional approach. I have no concerns whatsoever about the management of this home.”


“We couldn’t imagine a better home. There’s a lovely, relaxed and caring feel to it. Its a very friendly place and very homely.”

“This is the best  home in Newcastle; excellent care from staff who respect people’s dignity and privacy, with courtesy, understanding, humour and patience.”


“I have worked here for over ten years and I’ve never seen anything that concerned me.”

“This is a really well-run home. I don’t know how it could be improved”