Valerie and Sybil

When mum decided it was time to leave the family house, we spent a long time considering our options.  We looked at some newly build state of the art care homes, and whilst the facilities were great, they just didn’t feel like home.

But when we visited The Grove, it instantly felt like home from home and both mum and I felt that the transition from the family home in to a care home would be far easier in such comfortable, homely, familiar surroundings.

Being able to bring our own bedding and furniture ensured that mum felt at home from day one.

I remember on the first visit to The Grove, we walked past the kitchen and I was overwhelmed by the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables that the chef was chopping for that day’s meals which was a huge selling point to me as mum had lost all interest in cooking and indeed eating and this was beginning to show.

Like so many elderly people who have been fiercely independent, mum never wanted to be a burden and would seldom ask my sister or I for help.  Yet she had reached a point where she needed our help, so our visits became less about spending time together but more about getting jobs done.

Now visiting mum is a joy, we have time to chat and enjoy each other’s company as all her practical needs are met by the lovely staff.

And despite never asking us for help, mum is quite comfortable asking the care team for help when she needs it, although to be honest this is very seldom because they seem to be one step ahead of us in terms of meeting her needs – even offering to help buy birthday cards!

Whilst knowing all the practical things are being taken care of in terms of meals, laundry and medicines, one of the biggest things for us is to know that mum is not lonely and that there are always people there for her, be it to help in a time of need or to simply spend time having a chat.

An added bonus is that mum has made some lovely new friends with some of the other residents, which at her time in life you don’t really expect and it is lovely to see that despite her age and frailty she is still enjoying her life.

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